Student Selection Guidelines

Please download the Student Selection Guidelines PDF. It contains sample letters, forms and questionaires you can print out and use during the student selection process.

Student Selection Guidelines (.pdf file 192 KB)

Publicizing Application for RYLA

  • Invite the RYLA Chair or member of the RYLA administrative staff to be the program at one of your weekly meetings.
  • Provide applications at your regular weekly meeting. Many Rotarians know outstanding young people within the community.
  • Send a letter to the principal of all the high schools within your area. Identify schools that other clubs are not approaching, and avoid overlapping efforts. Extend your search for applications to other leaders at local high schools. Seek out the Band DirectorAthletic Coaches and Club Advisors.
  • Preference may be given to, but should not be limited to, Interact Club members and in particular, the Interact President-Elect. Clubs should also seek individual applications through ScoutingchurchesJunior Achievement, and Community Athletic Programs.
  • Make a presentation to Interact club members. Participation by Non-Interact members, especially in schools without Interact Clubs, will prove beneficial in growing Interactmembership. Include the Interact Advisor in the planning process and ask for input during one-on-one meetings. DVDs of previous events are available from RYLA chairpersons or Group Reps.
  • Students who have attended RYLA the previous year should be contacted to spread the word among the current sophomores and juniors about this great program. Provide them with applications to pass on to their friends and acquaintances.
  • Submit a Press Release to local newspapersschool newspapers and cable TV providers.