Glossary of Terms

Reservation Payments – Each club must mail the entire amount due to address shown on the receipt that is provided at the completion of Space Reservations. This amount includes both the Payment for Student attendance (RYLA Tuition – See below) and a donation to the Scholarship Fund.

RYLA Coordinator aka Rotary Club Contact Person – The Rotarian who will interact with District RYLA Staff from the date of club’s registration through the end of the Rotary year. This person will also be responsible for dealing with Student Selection and coordinating with Students, the School and their Parents. Registration, Follow up for consent forms, arranging Transportation to and from.

Registered Students – Students who have been selected by their host Rotary club and have already completed the on-line registration process.

RYLA Alternates – These are students who are chosen by each club to replace any student chosen by your club who cannot attend RYLA. (See Cancellation Policy).

RYLA Staff – Rotarians who manage the District’s RYLA event on behalf of District 5240. RYLA staff can be reached at

RYLA Tuition – This is the amount of money that is required to be paid by each club (or on behalf of each club) to send a student to the event. RYLA Tuition can be paid by an individual provided that the payment is associated with a club within District 5240.

Scholarship Donation – Money donated by every club participating in RYLA. There is a minimum Donation amount for each club, however, all clubs are encouraged to donate as much as their budget will allow.

School Advisor – This person is the contact person at each high school who will coordinate with students and Club RYLA Chair persons.

Space Reservation – This is the act of reserving enough space for the desired number of students your club would like to send to RYLA. The student’s names are not required at the time of a Space Reservation.

Student Registration – This is act of entering the information regarding the students who are chosen by each club. The students must go on line and complete their own registration. All students must have their parents acknowledge the conditions of registration and attendance.