Student Selection Guidelines

Please download the Student Selection Guidelines PDF. It contains sample letters, forms and questionaires you can print out and use during the student selection process.

Student Selection Guidelines (.pdf file 192 KB)

Application Review

The process of reviewing applications is as follows:

  • The Committee reviews applications and determines who would be interviewed.
  • Unless there are an excessive number of applicants, consideration should be given to interview all students. There is a benefit and learning experience for the students who go through this process.
  • All the Club RYLA Committee Members should review the twenty sample questions and prioritize the ones that each wants to ask. The whole committee then works on the final selection process of questions that will be asked of every student.
  • Arrange for an appropriate time and place for conducting the RYLA interviews.
  • Send a letter to each student notifying them of the day, time and location of interviews.
  • Allow 10- 15 minutes for each interview. Each student should be asked the same questions.
  • Each interviewer grades the responses and some quality attribute.
  • The School Team Leaders and the Committee Chair then meet and determine an overall selection and prioritization of the applicants.
  • Send letters to students who were selected for participation.
  • Send letters to students who were selected as alternates for participation.
  • Send letters to students who were rejected for participation.
  • Send letters to each school notifying the Principal and school contacts of the results of the selection process. Invite these people to a Rotary meeting.