RYLA Alternates

Each club may choose as many RYLA Alternates as they deem necessary. The Club RYLA Coordinator must instruct all RYLA Alternates to register using the Alternate Registration online form at the same time the chosen students are instructed to register online.

Club RYLA Coordinators will be able to confirm that Alternates have registered and chosen the correct order on-line under RYLA Chair Center tab. All students who are chosen as an Alternate must agree to the following::

  1. Register themselves by January 31;
  2. Remain on standby until 10 Days prior to the event;
  3. Give up their status as an Alternate if they know they cannot attend as soon as the decision is made.
  4. Complete all Parental Consent Forms by February 15.
  5. Read, understand and acknowledge Conditions of Registration & Attendance;

Selecting an Alternate

Any Student who cancel their commitment to attending RYLA, must notify their RYLA Club Coordinator immediately via phone or e-mail AND send a memo stating the same to admin@RYLA5240.org. The RYLA Club Coordinator’s contact information is available on-line and on the student’s registration confirmation.

PLEASE NOTE: Coordinators are not to arrange for an alternate to fill an opening until after notifying RYLA Administration. Drop outs within ten days of the event may not be filled without confirmation from RYLA Admin.

Should an opening occur RYLA Staff will contact the club coordinator to determine which alternate is able to fill the opening. RYLA staff will remove the “Dropped Student” from the online list and replace it with a RYLA Alternate who has confirmed that they can/will attend. The RYLA Club coordinator will be able to see the list of last names for their respective club on-line at Registered Students.