RYLA Behavior Code

All students must:

  • Always show courtesy and respect for others. Including being clean and prompt.
  • Dress appropriately at all times. No revealing clothes. No clothes that display alcohol, tobacco, drugs messages, or sexual innuendo.
  • Never enter a cabin assigned to the opposite gender. Never enter any cabin unless instructed.
  • NOT leave the camp for any reason.
  • Review¬†What to bring / Not to bring list.
  • Attend and complete all scheduled sessions and obey curfews.
  • Wear nametags and team wristbands for the entire retreat.
  • NOT bring or use alcohol, tobacco, drugs or weapons. Do not bring food or snacks.
  • NOT drive themselves to the retreat.
  • Cellular phones are not permitted during training or in cabins. Only use allowed is for photos during specifically noted social activities. Participants using cellular phones for any other purpose will have the phones confiscated until the end of camp.