Student Selection Guidelines

Please download the Student Selection Guidelines PDF. It contains sample letters, forms and questionaires you can print out and use during the student selection process.

Student Selection Guidelines (.pdf file 192 KB)

Applying for RYLA

Requirements for the privilege of attending RYLA include:

  • Be a high school sophomore or Junior (Other Grade Levels by acceptance from sponsoring Rotary club).
  • May NOT have attended RYLA previously.
  • Have demonstrated leadership experience and/or potential as shown by active participation in school or community youth groups.
  • Be of high moral character.
  • Be cooperative and willing to participate at RYLA as a member of a group.
  • Be well informed about current events.
  • Possess some ability in public speaking.
  • Good academic standing.

What, Where, When and How of RYLA

What: A four day Youth Leadership Retreat.

When: April 14 – 17, 2016.

Where: Camp Ramah, Ojai, California.

How: All expenses & transportation paid by the sponsoring Rotary club. Each sponsoring Rotary Club RYLA Chairperson will be responsible for your selection and enrollment.