Cell Phone Use Policies

Photos and Videos are valuable ways to chronicle and celebrate the RYLA experience. The promotional value and the ability to demonstrate and remember such an important and impactful event are allowed provided that all people attending RYLA understand and follow the same set of rules and protocol. At the same time the diverse temptations of being distracted by phone use is disruptive and not in the best interest of the student.

To avoid misunderstandings all students are highly encouraged to bring a camera that is not a phone. Cell phones should be stored away once the student has arrived at RYLA and not taken out until the students have left the campus. Alarms on watches are preferred over alarms on Cell phones.

RYLA will allow students, without an alternate method, to use their cell phones as cameras and alarm clocks only under these strict conditions:

  1. There is a zero tolerance policy for use of any device for taking photos or filming during a class, within a bathroom or in the cabins.

    Any student caught violating this policy will be required to show executive staff their photo albums and video albums. Any unauthorized media will be erased immediately without question. Students violating this policy may be sent home at the discretion of RYLA staff.

  2. There is a zero tolerance policy for using phones for any purpose other than:
    • Taking photos at the activities noted below
    • As a wake-up alarm
    • As an audio portion of a talent show act.

    Violator’s phones will be given to Admin for storage and returned after graduation.

Photos can be taken only during the following events providing the student is not creating distractions or creating a hazard:

  • Thursday night Carnival Activities following Keynote Speaker.
  • Friday Night Talent Show following Keynote Speaker.
  • Saturday Night Dance following Keynote Speaker.
  • Sunday morning Double Back farewells.

Phone calls or texting to parents can be made in emergencies only. Permission must be gained from an adult staff member before placing a call or returning a text. The staff member is to monitor the call, or text, to ensure the use is legitimate and excessive time is not spent.

Counselors who are not sure how to handle the situation, should contact Darin or Nancy.