Q What does RYLA stand for?
A Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Q Where is RYLA held?
A Camp Ramah in Ojai

Q When is RYLA held?
A May 1 - 4, 2025

Q Is RYLA just for our District?
A No, this is a worldwide program. Each District RYLA programs may vary in time frame and execution.?

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Q How many students can our club send?
A 10 Students maximum.

Q Who are the best candidates for RYLA?
A Interact Juniors have priority and then any other high school student whom your club deems to be a worthy ambassador. We want the students to return to their schools and utilize their new leadership skills.

Q What if the student has a conflict with their schedule, can they leave RYLA and then return for a portion of time?
A No! All students must attend the entire time. No exceptions. There is plenty of notice and plenty of people who want to attend that can stay the entire time. The event works best through continuity.

Q How much does it cost to send a student to RYLA?
A $425.00 per student. This includes all meals, a T-Shirt, housing and learning materials.

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Q Can a student bring his or her own food to RYLA?
A No. This is a Kosher facility and our agreement is to honor their rules. The food provided is healthy and tastes great!

Q Can students drive themselves?
A No. Students must be driven to and from the facility. Any student who drives themselves will be turned away.

Q How much money should students bring?
A There is nothing to buy and all of your needs are taken care of by your Rotary Club. If students are being transported a long distance then enough to cover a quick meal may be advised. Their club RYLA coordinator can notify them.

Q What should students wear?
A They should always dress respectfully during the event. Jeans and t-shirts are ok, so long as you are not exposed. There is a dance and a talent contest you students can dress up for if they choose to.

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Q Can parents come to the graduation ceremony?
A Absolutely. Please check the schedule for timing. We love for parents, teachers and friends to come and witness the culmination of the weekend!

Q Can students bring a cell phone?
A The policy is to not have cell phones. There are cases where we can grant permission to have them and use them at a predetermined time. However, any contact with the outside world should be based on family emergency only. Please read the RYLA cell phone policy carefully.

Q Is there anything else students should bring?
A Yes, if they plan to participate in the Talent Show they can bring instruments, props or costumes. There is a piano on site.

Q How Many students will be at RYLA?
A We limit the student body to 240.

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